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Default Amazing Fighter

Cut and Paste from a buddy

This is a video of an in-flight demonstration flown by the Russian SU-30MK fighter aircraft. You'll not believe what you are about to see. I've heard of thrust vectoring but this is amazing!

The fighter can stall from high speed, stopping in less than a second. Then it demonstrates an ability to descend tail first without causing a compressor stall. It can also recover from a flat spin in less than a minute. These capabilities probably don't exist in any other known supersonic capable aircraft in the world today.

This aircraft must be of concern to U.S. And NATO planners! I don't know which nations are flying the SU-30MK, but I hope China isn't one of them!

Take a look at the video with the sound up:


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Pvt. Harry
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WOW... That should give the Raptor a run for its money.
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BadLizzard rocks :)
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ha, good joke ;) (posted in humor section)

Yes it's pretty impressive, been out for a while, 2000 I think is when it went into production.

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Lizzard, I didn't know you were a real-life test pilot....I know I've seen those moves from you in BF2
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thats pretty crazy:o
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